Macro Update

Super: 145P/249C/69F=2197
High: 145P/249C/54F=2062
Medium: 145P/229C/54F=1982
Low: 145P/149C/69F=1797
Performance Recomp. Phase 3
Instead of a weight loss goal, I now have a tiny weight gain goal.

Macro Update

Super: 145P/249C/73F=2233
High: 145P/249C/57F=2089
Medium: 145P/229C/57F=2009
Low: 145P/149C/73F=1833

Dexa/Fit3D Results 04-29 to 07-01-2017

Weight: Over all, I GAINED 1.1 pounds in two months.
BUT! The devil is in the details. I lost 1.6# of fat mass and gained 2.6# of lean mass!
A measly 1.2% bodyfat. Probably a reasonable expectation over 8 weeks.
Over the 12 measurements Fit3D tracks, I lost a total of ZERO inches. Today’s total was exactly the same as April 28. I couldn’t have done that if I was trying.

2017-06 The Math

I continue to follow the ETP (Eat To Perform) macro cycling protocol. My macros were updated/increased four times this month. I went from a goal of 1518-1838 Calories/Day to 1813-2213 Calories/Day in four steps.

June was uneventful. No illness, no injury.

According to my Hackers Diet chart: My actual weight is down .8 pounds and my Trend is down .6

To track my daily activity, I currently wear a Garmin Fenix5X with wrist based HRM. I always wear a chest strap for intentional exercise.

Garmin adjusts my daily BMR based on my weight. I weigh daily on a Garmin Index Smart Scale.

.8 pounds lost x 3500 calories per pound = 2,800 calorie deficit for the month. That’s an average of 93 per day.

According to my MFP log, I consumed 56,686 calories this month. An average of 1,890 per day.

According to Garmin, I burned a total of 61,653 calories during the month. That’s an average of 2055 per day.

61,543 burned – 56,686 consumed = 4,857. Or about 1.39 pounds. That’s about double the actual .8. But, pretty close.

2014-09-06 Saturday

It’s no longer all about me.

It’s about us

2014-09-01 Monday

As of today, Daisy is off Benadryl and the antibiotics.  I’m not sure she ever really needed the antibiotics, so we aren’t going to finish them.

2014-08-26 Tuesday

Daisy is using all her feet!  As of Monday evening; in addition to the Benadryl, we’ve doubled her antibiotics and started her on Prednisone.

2014-08-21 Thursday

The Vet isn’t certain if Daisy got stung or has irritated an itchy spot.  Starting this afternoon, she’s to get 4 (100 mg total) of Benadryl every 8 hours three times. I’ve got some spray to relieve the itching as well as antibiotics – just in case, since she’s got so many little sores. I’m going to try some of that spray on the spots that Mollie is licking incessantly. Willow and Mollie got to go to PupTown today, but Daisy had to stay home and rest that foot. Unfortunately, the Groomer is booked so Mollie will have to wait two more weeks to get a bath and haircut.

2014-08-20 Wednesday

Late this morning, Daisy stopped using her right front leg.  I called the Vet to make an appointment for tomorrow morning, put a glob of antiseptic ointment on the foot and covered it with a sock.