2014-04-23 Wednesday

Why did I never think to clip my toenails in the shower before today?

2014-04-22 Tuesday

I met with Doctor Amanda Lindberg at the Park Nicollet Clinics in Rogers.  I have appointed her my new Primary Care Physician.   According to her, the reason I was not diagnosed with Ringworm earlier is because no one ever has more than 1 or 2 spots.  I’m anxious to see what happens when I stop taking the Terbinafine.  Steve picked me up and took me to dinner at TheMarsh, where the food was wonderful and the service lousy.

2014-04-19 Saturday

Getting Used to Our New Bikes.   Steve’s First (in a looooong time) Bike Ride.  Serial Neighborhood Dog Walking.  Tonight I’m going to be proactive instead of reactive; I’ve taken an Epsom Salt bath and I’ll add Benadryl to my evening supplements/medication.

2014-04-18 Friday

Steve and I picked Avery up at her Mom’s office.  We dropped an Easter Basket off at his daughter’s house.  We went to see my Dad.  Out to Gale Wood’s Farm to see the lambs and piglets.  Lunch with my Mom at Scotty B’s.  Avery spent the afternoon dying Easter Eggs, playing the piano and playing with the Dogs.  Steve went to a movie with Bob.  After I took Avery home, I spent some time with Anita.  When I got home, my skin was a red hot mess.  So bad, I considered a trip to the E.R.  Not having much confidence in the outcome of that endeavor, I decided to try an Epsom Salt bath and Benadryl.  That calmed things down and I slept pretty well.

2014-04-14 Monday

According to the Dermatologist at Park Nicollet, I do indeed have a Fungal Infection (a/k/a Ringworm).  Plus an allergic reaction to said fungus.  I’ve been prescribed two weeks of Terbinafine HCL 250 mg.  There is to be no alcohol for these two weeks.

2014-04-09 Wednesday

My itching rash was pretty awful this morning.  Itching and weeping like crazy.  For some reason, I decided to try Melaleuca’s “Dermatin” Antifungal cream.  Instant relief!  WTF?!?!?!  Not that I’m complaining, but geezzzzz.  Ringworm?  Is it possible I’ve had f*cking RINGWORM since last November?  Doesn’t this look an awful lot like this?  I had a refresher golf lesson.  Wow!  I needed that.  Now, I must find some time to practice.

2014-04-02 Wednesday

My Trainer was sick this morning, and I managed 45 minutes of Pilates all by myself.  Yay, me!

2014-04-01 Tuesday

Weights with Kristin @ TheMarsh.  I wish the IRS would cough up my tax refund so I can shop for a new cooktop/exhaust fan.  I set off my smoke detector (several times) cooking my dinner.  I think I also need to consider that coconut oil is not appropriate for frying sweet potatoes.  

2014-03-31 Monday

WeightControlMath:  Last week I consumed an average of 1845 calories per day, carefully tracked at MyNetDiary.com.  I lost .83 pounds, which is a 415 daily calorie deficit (according to The Hacker’s Diet).  According to Garmin, I burned 1229 calories walking.  Plus whatever was burned in 2 hours of Pilates and 2 Weight Training Sessions.   

2014-03-30 Sunday

After breakfast, Steve did some home office chores and I walked the dogs:  57:50, 3.12 miles, 3.2 mph, SPM=114, HR=134.  Then we went to the arboretum for another walk: 58:58, 2.79 miles, 2.8 mph, SPM=100, HR=117.  A little bit of lunch.  Soaked up some sunshine out on the deck.   We enjoyed pizza and movie night at Bob and Anita’s home.