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2014-09-06 Saturday

It’s no longer all about me. It’s about us

2014-09-01 Monday

As of today, Daisy is off Benadryl and the antibiotics.  I’m not sure she ever really needed the antibiotics, so we aren’t going to finish them.

2014-08-26 Tuesday

Daisy is using all her feet!  As of Monday evening; in addition to the Benadryl, we’ve doubled her antibiotics and started her on Prednisone.

2014-08-21 Thursday

The Vet isn’t certain if Daisy got stung or has irritated an itchy spot.  Starting this afternoon, she’s to get 4 (100 mg total) of Benadryl every 8 hours three times. I’ve got some spray to relieve the itching as well as antibiotics – just in case, since she’s got so many little sores. I’m […]

2014-08-20 Wednesday

Late this morning, Daisy stopped using her right front leg.  I called the Vet to make an appointment for tomorrow morning, put a glob of antiseptic ointment on the foot and covered it with a sock.

2014-08-19 Tuesday

To my delight, Steve and I proved ourselves capable of getting stuff done in a very BIG way!  I met with my Trainer at the Marsh.  Then we set out on our errands:  A foot evaluation for Steve with the Pedorthist and some new shoes from Schuler Shoes.  Steve needs new glasses and we picked […]

2014-08-15 Friday

Avery and I did some back-to-school shopping at Macy’s, visited my Dad for a bit then met my Mom for lunch at Scotty B’s.  The Vet recommended 2 Benadryl every 8 hours rather than the 1 every 4 hour schedule we were on.

2014-08-14 Thursday

Daisy is in full-on itch mode.  I’m going to increase her evening Benadryl.

2014-08-13 Wednesday

My eyes are puffy and itching.  Daisy is itching and scratching.  Are these two facts related?

2014-08-10 Sunday

We enjoyed Santana and Rod Stewart in concert at the Xcel Center with Bob and Anita.