2014-08-21 Thursday

The Vet isn’t certain if Daisy got stung or has irritated an itchy spot.  Starting this afternoon, she’s to get 4 (100 mg total) of Benadryl every 8 hours three times. I’ve got some spray to relieve the itching as well as antibiotics – just in case, since she’s got so many little sores. I’m going to try some of that spray on the spots that Mollie is licking incessantly. Willow and Mollie got to go to PupTown today, but Daisy had to stay home and rest that foot. Unfortunately, the Groomer is booked so Mollie will have to wait two more weeks to get a bath and haircut.

2014-08-20 Wednesday

Late this morning, Daisy stopped using her right front leg.  I called the Vet to make an appointment for tomorrow morning, put a glob of antiseptic ointment on the foot and covered it with a sock.

2014-08-19 Tuesday

To my delight, Steve and I proved ourselves capable of getting stuff done in a very BIG way!  I met with my Trainer at the Marsh.  Then we set out on our errands:  A foot evaluation for Steve with the Pedorthist and some new shoes from Schuler Shoes.  Steve needs new glasses and we picked out new frames.  Lunch at Byerly’s in Golden Valley.  Meeting with our Lawyer, also in attendance was my Financial Advisor.  Bought a new mattress to be delivered to the new house.  We were on a roll, so we drove up to Welcome Amish Furniture in Albertville where we picked out a new bed and nightstands.  We celebrated our productivity with pizza and red wine for dinner!

2014-08-15 Friday

Avery and I did some back-to-school shopping at Macy’s, visited my Dad for a bit then met my Mom for lunch at Scotty B’s.  The Vet recommended 2 Benadryl every 8 hours rather than the 1 every 4 hour schedule we were on.

2014-08-14 Thursday

Daisy is in full-on itch mode.  I’m going to increase her evening Benadryl.

2014-08-13 Wednesday

My eyes are puffy and itching.  Daisy is itching and scratching.  Are these two facts related?

2014-08-10 Sunday

We enjoyed Santana and Rod Stewart in concert at the Xcel Center with Bob and Anita.

2014-07-24 Thursday

Today’s Adventure in House Hunting:

Park Street E, Wayzata:  We have a short list!!  We’ll be taking a 2nd look at this one.  Walking distance to Wayzata.  Perfect yard for the dogs.


W Hillside Drive, Wayzata:  Dismal kitchen.  Sprawling.  Private well/sewer.

Maple Hill Road, Woodland:  Needs way too much work.  First dead mouse we’ve seen.

Burwell Drive, Minnetonka:  So very kewl!  Too kewl.

Northome Avenue, Deephaven:  Best guest suite we’ve seen!  But, that’s the only thing we liked about it.  No shower in the master bath.

Narcissus Lane N, Plymouth:  Ugh.  For Sale by Owner – who was there to greet us.

133 Ridgeview Drive, Wayzata:  3 bedrooms on the main floor, master bedroom up.  Backwards.

399 Ridgeview Drive, Wayzata:  Hated the driveway, disliked the water feature.  Weird woodwork.  No yard.

2014-07-21 Monday

Ugh – it took me 90 minutes to get home today, though I did get to chat with an old friend at a stoplight.

2014-07-20 Sunday

We enjoyed our Massage Therapist’s visit and saw Lisa and Evelyn off to Omaha.  We went back for a second look at the Hollyhock Lane house, only to find it’s not gotten any smaller.  After that, we toured three more that weren’t even close to suitable.